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feb 08

Cracking Down on State Corruption.

If there has ever been any doubt that the corruption in New York runs deeper than expected, this doubt will have been dispelled by recent events. The slew of dismissals, arrests and convictions of late are unsettling at best, and quite disturbing at worst. According to the executive director of Citizens Union, Dick Dadey, the rate of arrests has been increasing, and judging by that, we can only expect more arrests to be made. Just within the last few years, since 2008, more than two dozen elected state officials have been either arrested or convicted; a number that Manhattan based US Attorney Preet Bharara has called just “a certain percentage” of the New York politicians who are suspected of corruption. That being said, it’s impossible to tell how deep the State’s political corruption runs without further investigation.
Since the Moreland Commission, both created and shut down by Governor Cuomo, was dissolved in 2014, Bharara has really taken the initiative when it comes to moving forward with the investigations of a number of corruption bases.

Bharara’s efficacy is evidenced by his recently havingwon the conviction of former state Senator Malcolm Smith; formerly a Senate president who received a sentence within the last few months of seven years imprisonment. Add this to the indictment of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who resigned his leadership post in the months following his indictment, and you can see real successes being made. There is further evidence of the corruption of New York State political officials in the actions of ex-Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. who drove to the courthouse for his trial while his license was suspended, and Sampson parking in a “no-parking” area, claiming he was on “official” state business while attending his trial.

Alongside the pursuance of justice that Bharara is on, the Manhattan and Brooklyn FBI have made attempts to investigate politicians suspected of corruption using techniques which, perhaps surprisingly, have been effectively used against organized crime groups. Techniques such as flipping co-conspirators, making use of undercover agents and wires, and video surveillance have all proved to be beneficial in the crackdown on corruption. However, it’s important to remember that not all political officials are corrupt and acting only in their best interests. Current US Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified before the Moreland Commission before its dissolution that she believed “Those officials who are truly trying to do good are cast in the same light as those who are engaging in wrongdoing, rendering them less effective,” which is a good representation of the views of society as a whole.

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Jan 06

Investigate New York mission statement

Investigate New York mission statement Everyone has their own purpose – discovery and disclosure is ours. Here at Investigate New York, we’re speaking out so that you don’t have to.

There are those of us who have an awareness of the corruption within our city, but are too afraid to do anything about it. We understand that many of those people are simply afraid to speak out about what they know; whether this is out of fear of repercussions, or because they’re concerned about the judgement of those around them doesn’t matter. No matter what you fear – we are not afraid.

There are those of us who simply are not aware, going through their lives day to day under the illusion that nothing is wrong with the system, thinking that no one needs to be held accountable, and that there is nothing more they need to know. For those people, we are here to change that. We’re here to tell you that everything is not alright. Corruption is present within the city, and those responsible need to be held accountable.

Our main goal here at Investigate New York is to find this corruption, and expose it to all. If there is something going on that shouldn’t be we’ll find it, and we’ll tell you. If someone is doing something they shouldn’t be, it’s just a matter of time before we discover it, and we’ll tell you. Our purpose here is discovery and disclosure so if we find something that you need to know, rest assured that you’ll know about it as soon as we know about it.

Investigate New York was created to discover and disclose that which needs to be exposed. It doesn’t matter that you’re afraid, we aren’t afraid.

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feb 08

Legit? Cash for Cars Companies

Cash for Cars Companies can seem like a dream come true if you’ve been struggling to sell your vehicle, but how do you know if the company you’re thinking of selling to is legitimate? For most of us on a day to day basis, it’s difficult to tell if a company is truly legitimate or not. For that reasons we’ll be running through how you can tell if the company you’re looking at selling to is legitimate ornot in this article.

Before we go into detail about how to tell if these companies are legitimate, let’s start by talking about what “Cash for Cars” companies actually are. They are, effectively, companies which purchase used cars from people, at a price generally below the market value of the car. They’re a good alternative to simply trading in your used car when you go to buy a new one, but only if they’re legitimate.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the amount of Cash for Cars companies on the market. This begs the question of how many of these companies are truly legitimate. Whether you’ve used one of these companies before or not, it can be hard to tell if they are what they say they are. We’ll give you some guidance on how to tell if you’re dealing with a licensed company or not here.

The main way you can tell if a company is legitimate is by checking their details with the DMV. The DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles, should have information on each Cash for Cars Company, including their details. If the company you’re thinking of selling to isn’t registered with them, then it isn’t legitimate and you should avoid it. Another good way of telling is that the company have a premises you can visit if you choose to. Alarm bells should ring if you ask to visit them on their premises and they repeatedly shrug you off.

The good news is that not every Cash For Cars Company is illegitimate! We’ve been doing some research into a few of the companies around and have found this particular Cash for Cars to be a legitimate and reputable Cash For Cars Company! You can tell by reading their yelp reviews that people have definitely had a favorable experience using them. If you are thinking of using one of these services to sell your used vehicle, we would recommend starting here to avoid any complications or nasty surprises further down the line

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April 18

Pulling Rabbits out of the Yeshiva University Hot

In New York there are a very high number of Jewish people that live there than most other places in the United States. Are they drawn to the community upbringing? Or are they more drawn to the Yeshiva Universities that are within close proximity of each other? What really matters boils down to funding for these universities. One day they are broke with over a $1 billion deficit the next a law passes that pulls them out! Hmmm, where is the corruption in that case?

It All Started with Investments
Back in 2002, most of the country had heard about Bernard Madoff and his Ponzi scheme. Initially, the school blamed bad investments that were associated with the Ponzi scheme for their large amount of debt. It was discovered that those investments really only accounted for a little bit of the debt incurred. At one point the university lost more than $500 million on high-risk investments dipping into hedge funds and corporate stocks.

Funding from Where?
Recently there was news on a rate increase across the state of New York for tuition on universities statewide. However, during the time this bill was getting passed, strangely there was funding made available to the Yeshiva University to help with the huge deficit they had encountered. Where did this funding come from? Why was tuition going up at every other college campus across the state, but Yeshiva was cut a huge break?

Scandals everywhere
Over the years scandals in the Yeshiva University has ranged from sexual abuse to corruption. The Jewish community, no matter how hard they try, cannot let the turn their backs on the wrong doings going on. All the dishonesty and corruption lie within the risky investments that the college did. These risky investments, without the stockholders input, it what put them at this $1 Billion deficit to begin with. No matter how they try to blame the Ponzi scheme, it was their own scheme and it back fired.

Yeshiva investing in New York’s Future
The Orthodox way of the Jewish community that attend Yeshiva is one all in its own. Yeshiva concentrates on traditional religious texts to study. This means a couple of things to the tax payers of New York. First, you are paying higher taxes for all other colleges and universities in the state while students at Yeshiva are gaining ALL the benefits. Students at Yeshiva truly will not be contributing to the society of New York regarding their education. What they are being taught at Yeshiva is not math, science and history as you and I know it. They are being taught traditional religion that will not help them to prosper in this world.

What’s next?
What can be next at Yeshiva University? Well, first a little house cleaning by getting rid of all the chancellors, alumni that made the school such a scandal to begin with. Once you get out all the tainted rumors, bring in fresh people the enrollment may increase. Honestly, when you have such a tainted name like Yeshiva University you must do a facility overhaul to clear your name. Straighten out the investments and take the money that was signed into a bill for you and use it for the good of university.

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