feb 08

Investigate New York mission statement

Investigate New York mission statement Everyone has their own purpose – discovery and disclosure is ours. Here at Investigate New York, we’re speaking out so that you don’t have to.

There are those of us who have an awareness of the corruption within our city, but are too afraid to do anything about it. We understand that many of those people are simply afraid to speak out about what they know; whether this is out of fear of repercussions, or because they’re concerned about the judgement of those around them doesn’t matter. No matter what you fear – we are not afraid.

There are those of us who simply are not aware, going through their lives day to day under the illusion that nothing is wrong with the system, thinking that no one needs to be held accountable, and that there is nothing more they need to know. For those people, we are here to change that. We’re here to tell you that everything is not alright. Corruption is present within the city, and those responsible need to be held accountable.

Our main goal here at Investigate New York is to find this corruption, and expose it to all. If there is something going on that shouldn’t be we’ll find it, and we’ll tell you. If someone is doing something they shouldn’t be, it’s just a matter of time before we discover it, and we’ll tell you. Our purpose here is discovery and disclosure so if we find something that you need to know, rest assured that you’ll know about it as soon as we know about it.

Investigate New York was created to discover and disclose that which needs to be exposed. It doesn’t matter that you’re afraid, we aren’t afraid.